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These are the things we need you to know, before come to you class.

Keep it in mind!

Horse activities are considered to be rugged sport and recreation.  Participate and/or approach horses at your own risk.  Before getting started, please read through the Service Guideline details and pay special attention to the safety related issues.

St Andrews Stables
Service Guidelines

Payment Information on Lessons

You must be registered and paid by the first of each month for the classes you plan to attend during that month.  This will ensure that a horse is reserved for you and your space in class is held.  If you do not register and pay before the first, your space may be given away to another student.

If you are booking a monthly package, please ensure in advance that you will be able to attend all classes for that month.  No refunds or make-ups will be given for the classes you miss.

Please note: GST will be charged on all lessons.

Payment Options

Cash or debit - please stop by the stable office during office hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Credit Card - pay in person at the office, or call us at (204) 295-5134 to pay over the phone.
Online - for your convenience, pay online through our PayPal service.


Dress Code

In the interest of safety, all our students are expected to meet the requirements outlined below at every class. Students that arrive for class without the listed items won't be able to participate in a mounted class that week.
Riding is not a fashion sport, wear winter jackets and snow pants, mitts and ear warmers.

Helmets are mandatory for all riders. The one you choose for riding must meet the ASTM F1163-88/SEI Certified Safety Standards. While St Andrews Stables does have helmets for loan, we require all riders to purchase your own helmet by the fifth lesson. We can help find and fit the perfect helmet for you at our onsite tack store.

Boots are an important part of your riding wardrobe. They don't have to be special "riding boots" as long as you choose ones with closed toe, smooth sole and a defined heel, 1/2" to 1" heel is the best.

Pants Long pants or jeans must be worn for all lessons. Some riders like yoga pants or sweat pants because they bend with you and don't bind at the waist, hip or behind the knees. Jodhpurs or other pants specially designed for riding are also available, if you choose to invest in sport-specific gear.

Shorts, capris pants or other styles that don't cover your leg down to the ankle are not acceptable - even when it's hot out. Sorry!

Lateness, Absences and Cancelled Classes


Group Lessons:  as to not disrupt the class in session, and the other students already mounted in the arena, students arriving 5 minutes late may observe the class with the instructor on the ground. If the lesson that day is a ground lesson, you may participate. However, you will not be able to join in a mounted class that day.


When you book a class, a space is reserved just for you, we will bring in your mount and have him or her waiting. We understand that sometimes due to unavoidable circumstances you cannot make it to your lesson. However, we would appreciate a phone call or email as soon as you know that you will not be joining us. Please note that there are no refunds or make-up classes for missed lessons. Cancellation of private lessons require a minimum of 24 hours notice. Please notify us at or, call (204) 295-5134 or 204-298-4134

Cancelled Classes

As Manitobans, we're no strangers to harsh weather and neither are our horses! Just because it's cold or rainy doesn't mean that the class is cancelled. According to CHA, riders need to know all aspects of horsemanship, which includes ground lessons as well as mounted classes. So, if were having inclement weather (-25 or below) the show will still go on - just in the barn, not outdoors.
However, in the unlikely event that we do have to cancel a class, St Andrews Stables will contact you and let you know. We'll use the numbers you provided on your registration sheet, so please notify the office if your number changes. We try to update our facebook page if they weather is questionable, please contact us if you have any concerns.

Parents and Visitors

At St Andrews Stables we are always delighted when parents and loved ones come to watch their student rider learn new skills and grow in their equine relationship.

Visitors are welcome to stay and observe lessons in our comfortable viewing room.  Located between the barn and indoor arena, the viewing room offers a great vantage point without being a distraction.  Spectators are not allowed in the arena itself. 

We ask that parents and visitors refrain from becoming involved in the tack up time or lesson itself.  This will ensure the best possible learning experience for the student and limits distractions.

We encourage any questions and would be happy to discuss any concerns or, issues you may have.

Please feel free to discuss with our staff before, or after the lesson or, contact us during our office hours at or call (204) 295-5134

Advancing Students

St Andrews Stables is pleased to offer a practice time for our advancing students. In order for students to qualify for Friday night practices, they must be recommended by their instructor. Students must be able to catch, tack, bridle and mount without assistance. Riding time for the practice is from 6:00pm to 7:00pm on Friday (one hour) including tack up time and grooming.

Other Stuff

Supervision of all children on premises is the responsibility of the parent, legal guardian or person appointed by them. Property does have electric fencing and other hazards that are natural to a ranch environment, and could be harmful to children. Please for safety, keep children with you at all times.

No dogs allowed, we have our own.

Smoking is prohibited within 100 feet of the barn, barn aisle, near bedding, hay or manure storage areas, don’t drop your cigarette butts put them in the garbage or take them home and drop them in your yard.

Be Safe, Have Fun!
We want you and or your child’s equine experience to be a positive one. The staff at St Andrews Stables is here to make sure that happens. It we can answer any questions please don’t hesitate to call.

Think safety! Obey all stable rules.

Thank you
Cecelia Liebrecht 204-295-5134

Megan Ferguson 204-298-4134