St Andrews Stables offers an

extensive Equine Education Program

designed to suit your needs. 

Group Lessons – All Ages (7 plus) 

Our Most Popular Option
 Class size: Maximum 8 people
Group lessons – either Western or English –

Personalized attention in a small-class setting.

Our spacious indoor riding arena offers plenty of room for riders and a viewing room for spectators.

Weather permitting, we also have three outdoor riding areas for our students’ use.

Lessons include 15 minutes of supervised tack-up time at the beginning of class and 45 minutes of riding with a Professional Equi-Free Riding Instructor.
Classes are prepaid monthly.


MONDAY - Private or semi private lessons with Megan

TUESDAY  - Robyn
ADV BEG - 5:00

BEG - 6:00
INT - 7:00

PARENT & TOT - 4:30


ADV BEG - 6pm


Description of Levels
Horse and Tack Provided

Beginner Lessons
For students that have never been around or on a horse and students that are returning after being away from horses and want to learn from the beginning the correct way.  Beginner lessons will progress until the student is comfortable with the trot.

Advanced Beginner
Progression with the trot to posting trot. Learning better body position and getting more comfortable with balance and handing. First canter and ground poles will be introduced to students who are comfortable with balance and control of the horse. 

Improving balance and body position, learning to work with and not against the horse. Working on canter, balance and control.  Improve your ride as well as leads. Introduction to cross rails for English riders.

Canter departures and transition improvements, softness and suppleness of horse and rider are improved upon.  Jump heights will increase with skill in English classes.
Since each person is different and progress is at different rates, we can not tell you how long each level will take.  Even Olympians have coaches!  

Riding Lessons 

If you are a new student and you would like to start at a level other than beginner, an assessment will be required. This will assure proper placement and introduce you to our methods.
Individually Scheduled

$ 50.00 per class plus GST

The Parent & Tot lessons give parents and their pre-school kids a chance to share some special time with their equine buddies.

$ 20.00 per class plus GST

During this ½ hour supervised class, parents will help their child brush and saddle a horse or pony. Then, it’s time for a lead line lesson! There must be one adult for each child. Helmets are provided. Please wear closed toe footwear-no sandals.

Class is Wednesday at 4:30, or call and we can schedule one during the day.

Individually tailored for students that seek to advance their equestrian education in a one on one setting with a Multi-Disciplined Master Instructor.

$ 60.00 per class plus GST

Need a little extra attention? Have some fun with a friend and book lessons in a semi-private setting. Lessons include one hour of focused instruction with a Certified Equi-Free Instructor.
$ 45.00 per class plus GST

$39.75 per class, classes must be booked on line 24 hours in advance
We do not do make up classes, our class scheduler allows you to book the classes you can attend.

Helmets are required for First Class.

We do not supply helmets. 

Group Lesson


Parent & Tot

 Our Most Popular Option
 Class size: Maximum 8 people
Group lessons – either Western or English – offer personalized attention in a small-class setting. 


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