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Who is taking this course?

  • First time horse lovers
  • New horse owners
  • Horse owners
  • Future horse owners
  • Everyone who want to know more about horses

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May 23 -24

June 27 -28

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Cost $350

                                                                                     Apprentice Program 

Exclusive to St Andrews Stables is the Equi-Free Apprentice Program. Step by step training on making you a better trainer and instructor. Work with Master Instructor Megan-Rai Ferguson and the St Andrews Stables team of certified instructors.

Become a Instructor
Lesson planning and progression
Equine Behaviour
Equi-Free training, riding & horsemanship
Stable management

Payment Options

Pay online through our secure server, by cash or debit during our office hours, which are Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m, or by credit card, either at the office, or over the phone.  Please note: No classes will be booked without pre-payment.

The course will cover:
PHYSICAL aspects of the horse, including conformation, care of feet and proper grooming.
MENTAL aspects of the horse, including instincts and safe handling techniques.
NUTRITION for the horse, including the various hays and grains available as well as a discussion on supplements, plants that are poisonous, and the importance of good fresh water.
HEALTH aspects of the horse, including how to recognize when there is a problem, when to call the vet, how to recognize and handle common illnesses and injuries & emergency treatment until the vet arrives.
HOUSING your horse, including info on barns, stalls, fencing, pasture and manure management.
BUYING What to look for (and look out for) when purchasing a horse. 
TACK Choosing, fitting and caring for saddles, bridles, halters, blankets, etc.
SAFELY RIDING a well-broke horse (including tacking up, mounting, steering, "Go and Whoa", and how to handle the situation when things go wrong (bucking, rearing, running away, etc.)
AFTER RIDE CARE of your horse (cooling out).

Equine Education Programs 

Courses run on Saturday 9am to 4 and Sunday 9am to 3

Course materials include plenty of handouts for future review and is quite extensive in its coverage of the care and management of the horse.

However, the course should be considered an introduction to the actual riding of a horse. At the end of the course, the student should have a basic idea of riding a well-broke safe horse, but the student is encouraged to seek additional riding lessons to advance his/her knowledge, skills and comfort level.​


Equine Education Programs

Horses 101 

This 18 hour intensive course taught over two days is geared towards to novice who would like to know how to properly house, care for and safely handle and ride the well broke pleasure horse.

While some of the topics will be lecture and demonstration, students will have lots of hands-on experience with several well-trained horses and will ride each day.