St Andrews Stables Welcomes all Clinicians, if you would like to rent our facility, to bring in your favorite, Let us help you.

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St. Andrews Stables Equestrian Training Centre

Horse Clinics 

Our philosophy is Equi-Free.Equi-Free training works with, not against, the horse, allowing him to be free to use his body properly to reduce strain and injury.



Equi-Free riding means that tension and rigidity are eliminated, reducing the rider’s conflict with the horse’s movement. Energy and pressure are used to create synchronicity between horse and rider, while the rider’s body position is efficient, exerting control rather than communicating by force.

Equi-Free horsemanship classes cover basic horsemanship, groundwork, handling, grooming, tacking, saddling and saddle fitting, horse education, aptitude testing, natural balance, rhythm and equine psychology.

Riding Clinics

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